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Post 5: Web research

Being a college student in this new era of technology certainly has its benefits. Growing up in the 90’s and making my transition into serious education towards the end of 2008 (my first year of college) has been an experience  unique and unlike one that anyone older could completely relate to.  Quickly disappearing are the days where a student would need to scour the shelves of the library at the university campus for information to aid them in writing their latest research paper. Electronic databases from popular search engines like Google are the new desk aids.  Online college reference databases are the new library shelves.

The digital age

Web research: Is it the same?  I think a point that many professors these days are trying to convey when they advise students about writing papers is that the evidence must be solid, factual, and be well cited (reliable) sources.  I know some of the professors I have had in the past make it clear that they want at least some web sources and some non web sources like text books, encyclopedias, research documents, etc.

I believe it’s fair for a professor to request that information students are basing research projects on is potentientally information gathered from the school library and also of that gathered from the web.  Not that web sources are any less reliable than resources found at the library, but specifically because of the amount of information that can be found on the web, that in many cases are not from credible resources.  The last blog entry itself referred to a group (CGFI) that had completely biased and non credible information that was fashioned in a very particular and almost professional manner; but turned out being a complete spin.

Don’t follow the rest of the herd

It’s important that everyone realizes that it is essential to approach a resource with a skeptical eye. Checking background information for how credible something is, can be actually not difficult at all. Spending a little extra time going through the university’s online database rather than searching hotkeys on google can make all the difference.

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