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It’s kinda like the radio and television, except better!

Ever heard someone talking about a particular subject that you found really interesting, but unfortunately the talk show ended and left you yearning for more information? Your needs be fulfilled with a great current Internet phenomena known as pod-casting. Loads of information is out there in the form of radio conversation, or video, and people love to talk and discuss it. People love to listen or watch people talk about current events in the news, etc. Pod-casting allows for great passive entertainment, and also can be used as an educational tool.

Lots of pod-casts are digital media files in episodic format, so that listeners who subscribe or are current followers get a sequence of audio files; and the greatest thing is that all of those conversations in pod-casting form are most likely archived somewhere in the cyberspace.

Most pod-casts are easily available for anyone who wants to listen.  Both audio and video files are seamlessly streamed to users, which makes it that much easier for fans to keep up with recent casts by whoever they follow, whether it be a comedian’s podcast, news web site’s podcast, etc.

Like to follow the current fads?

I, personally, always try to keep up with the latest fads or happenings in the world around me.  But say for example I get back from class and would like to just lay on my bed and hear someone explain or talk about some of the most recent news involving the upcoming world cup? Pod-casting is the answer for me. Instead of searching through articles, or watching the news channel where I may be subjected to news I am not interested in, including a ton of commercials; I could go to a handy podcast site known as podcast pickle and simply do a keyword search for ‘world cup’. Instantly archived pod-casts appear to me.  Pod-casts dealing with and featuring audio or video files from people all over the world sharing their excitement (or otherwise) about the upcoming tournament.

After I listen to two die hard football fans from the U.K. basically bubble with excitement as they converse about the up coming opener between the U.S. and England, I can then easily check one of my favored episodic pod-casts from comedian Tom Shillue and directly stream his latest stand up presentation.

The news gets even better! Since pod-casts are in media file format, I can download them and put them on my portable media player and listen to them whenever I want. In my opinion, pod-casts are the way of the future. Talk shows and late night comedy shows, etc are old forms of entertainment you access through your T.V.

With a standard Internet connection I can stream tons of user created content to satisfy my entertainment ambitions and yearnings, or at the same time get an informative podcast from a professor at Duke University’s Law School.

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  1. 1 karlc

    I really like the idea of podcasts. I don’t have too much experience with them, but you can even put them on your ipod and listen to entertainment/news on the go (of course, not when you are driving). Hearing someone speak about something anytime you want without having to be at the TV at the right time is very nice. Plus you can exercise while listening to a podcast on your ipod without having to hold a newspaper with two hands or face the direction of the TV.

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