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T.V. at your computer…except better!

Internet video is taking the cyberspace by storm like hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  But seriously.  I don’t think it’s possible to really find many Internet users out there who have not watched a video found on the Internet from popular sites like youtube, google video, justin t.v., etc. These sites are a one stop destination for Internet entertainment. People from across the world watch Internet videos every second.  Viewers stream content ranging from wildlife in the gulf to awe inspiring and entertaining homemade dance videos.

And that’s only half of it..

You’re a star!

In addition to the near endless browsing possibilities for Internet video users, some people have used the sheer popularity of Internet video sites to build their fame.  Anyone can create a youtube profile and start uploading their own creations, ranging from pop songs by youtube sensations like Justin Beiber, to comedians who create hilarious Harry Potter themed puppet shows and songs.

One of my current favorite youtube projects is a fan created Mortal Kombat movie trailer.  In an attempt to get Warner Bros. to film a new Mortal Kombat movie, a young director spent a lot of time forging an eight minute masterpiece of a trailer. After being posted on youtube for one day the video received over 2 million views, and has a huge Internet fan group crying out for the project to be a success. Will Warner Bros. take the cue to create a thriller movie? Only time will tell. But if it does follow through this will be one of the first ways a youtube user has created a video that has later been made into a major motion picture. If you are a dire hard Mortal Kombat fan this fan made trailer is a must see; heck, if you like action fight movies at all I highly recommend checking the video out. (Warning, the trailer shows scenes of brutal combat and violence).

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