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Social bookmarking

To start: the hands on activity

For this activity, as a class we were advised to check out, a social bookmarking site.  The site itself is a neat and interesting tool.  I can already tell it has a lot of potential as yet another aid to help students, or anybody really, gather and access information.

Specifically, the class was told to search for results pertaining to umwfa10 (better known as the University of Mary Washington Faculty Academy program).  It is an event put on by Mary Washington faculty and staff intended to show and discuss accomplishments and efforts from various projects which contribute to the common goal of education. I must say, I’m quite impressed by and what it offers to Internet users.

Let’s face it, bookmarking sites so you can easily visit them again later is great, but it sucks when you are at your friends house and you want to show him a popular site you… and you can’t seem to remember the web site’s URL, or even worse, how to get to the site from a search engine. Say hello to social bookmarking.

Social bookmaking sites like, or, are social tools that multiple people can use for a group collaboration. They allow for you to keyword search a topic of your interest, and also contribute to a connected list of all bookmarked sites allocated to that keyword. It means easy access to other sites from across the web, that real people have grouped together, not machines.

Human cognition

Have you ever tried to search for something from a popular search engine like google or yahoo, and gotten ‘hits’ back of websites that have completely bogus information or are really a waste of your time to look at?  Social bookmarking is the key to this problem. Because sites like have keywords related to groups of bookmarks that have been tagged by other people just like you, when you search for online comics a quick and easy list of familiar websites comes up, all having to do with comic strips and cartoons found from websites across the web. The bottom line is, humans understand how content is related better, in most cases, than machines do.

This can help tremendously for anyone seeking information over the web; so next time you are looking for some websites that will help you create your next class paper, maybe try starting at a social bookmarking site rather than a generic search engine (and of course check library databases).

It’s similar to the whole thing of going to the library and looking for book choices yourself, or instead talking to people around the library or the librarian, so they can help you find something you like.

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