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Virtual worlds

Role playing cyber experience

Virtual worlds have taken the Internet by storm in recent years, so I visited one of the leading virtual worlds to learn a bit more about this phenomenon. My personal experience across the cyberspace of the Internet took me to the lands of second life, a quite popular virtual world that allows players to interact with one another, and do various different actions and tasks; all the while being able to reach impressive levels of customization.  Residents of second life can customize things such as their personal looks, their clothes, furniture, their house, etc.  Ever wanted to dress like a banana and do the worm on the dance floor of a packed club? It might be a challenge or an embarrassment for someone to attempt to do in real life, however, in second life this is no problem. Users of second life can reach somewhat ridiculous levels of customization with their avatars,even as far as making themselves look like fruit or vegetables.

A social group setting

Players can even group up and participate in different activities such as visit virtual clubs, where they can dance with one another. Virtual world users can host small parties in their virtual apartments and chat with one another all night long.  In fact, many people delve deeply into their virtual world experience, going so far as to role play as member of the opposite sex.  Whatever your personal interests or social preferences, chances are there is someone in the cyberspace that you could relate with and strike up a conversation.

A  money jackpot!

Virtual worlds like second life are used to seeing the extra ordinary, or oddity. On that note, a most unlikely entrepreneur found second life to be his avenue for profit.  An average plumber in real life, one man named Kevin Albemar struck it rich and created a virtual dance island and hotel, where users could come dance and even ‘hook up’ with second life’s virtual second life prostitutes.  The man sold specially created beds within second life for people to purchase. He also had a room full of second life users who were clad in skimpy clothing, even naked, who sold themselves as prostitutes for second life currency or even real money.  He claims he has made over one million u.s. dollars through second life. Wow!

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