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Information/Document Sharing

As a class we were shown some of the latest Internet technology behind online document collaboration.  ‘Computing in the cloud’ as it is called, is a way for someone to use the Internet to store information or documents that multiple people can access. Because users aren’t storing the information on their hard drive from their personal computer at home, all of the work can be accessed at anytime and doesn’t have to revolve around the original user’s time schedule.

No one has to manually send emails with attached files to each other, rather the work can be easily completed in real time by the help of others.

Say for example a corporation has a big spreadsheet that must be completed which documents a large amount of the financial information for the company. Company employees and affiliates can use one of the document sharing services such as to make the spreadsheet ‘in the cloud’ so multiple people have easy access to it.

In addition to text documents, ‘excel-like’ spreadsheets, etc, Internet users can do a form of P2P (or Peer to Peer) file sharing with one another. This also happens to be an incredibly useful tool reigning from the lands of the cyberspace, as it allows for multiple people from anywhere in the world with a stable Internet connection to work together or transfer complete files with one another. Whether they be media files, or other forms of software, they can all be made available for easy access by certain programs such as Red Swoosh; a program developed by a leading technology corporation called Akamai.

With cloud computing programs such as and file sharing programs such as Red swoosh, or iMesh, the possibilities for group collaboration across the web is truly an awesome phenomenon.

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