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Really simple syndication

The ultimate Internet tool for easily following your favorite websites… without having to manually visit them.

One key to being successful at tasks you do, or problems you face in the world, is to follow one simple rule. ‘KSS’. Keep it simple, stupid.  Let’s face it; in the hectic days of our lives time can be one of the things we value most.  Never having enough time to do the things you desire is something that mostly everyone struggles with throughout their life.  As college students, classes, jobs, relationships, can all be particularly demanding of the precious time that we have. Teens, young adults, mature adults, everyone could use a little extra time to help accomplish goals. That’s why I really like the idea of RSS.

Personal delivery service

RSS is kind of like your own little secretary or friend who says “Hey check this latest entry from your favorite website!” A friend who is working on the clock to figuratively hand feed you information relating to things you like to hear about. Keeping up with your current interests around the world is really as simple as checking your email.

I now welcome the fact that when I get online to check my email, I can check my bloglines account and smoothly be caught up on the latest information from CNN about the Gulf Oil Crisis.

Or for example, I take a look at my bloglines account and see that a website I follow which specializes in covering the entertainment industry has just put out a movie review about the current remake of the popular classic action drama, Karate Kid. A movie which stars the young Jaden Smith; son of actor and actress Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

There are many reasons why Really Simple Syndication was a wonderful creation and addition to the life of the Internet.  I really encourage everyone out there to give it a test run. I have a feeling you”ll be pleasantly satisfied.

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