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Forums and Web Boards

Popular internet culture and technology tools are most often built around helping a community of people, for example, multiple users at once (that is after all one of the general goals of the internet). Forums and web boards are no exception.

Forums are great because they are one of the top go to areas on the Internet for first hand comments from other web users. While information and data found on forums are not always accurate, visiting them is a wonderful way to get personal opinions on subject matter.

There is an exception to this, which would be forums from college university websites. These web boards can be home to multitudes of professional opinions about course subjects from the professors, threads about tough topics from class, questions directed to students about the course value, polls to take, etc. While the academic side of university forums is prevalent, the good news doesn’t stop there.

Other web boards exist such as ones dedicated for Virginia Tech ‘Hokie’ fans. Hokie Haven is a great forum to visit if you are a fan of the VT football team.

Web Forum Database

Some websites offer a way to search popular forums from across the web. For example, is a search engine type website that tracks and lists forums found on the web by how popular they are (as in how many times they get visited each day), how many posts exist in the forums, how many members the forum has, etc. even has a system which gives a big-boards “rank” to the forum websites it features. At there is tons of content that is organized in a simple and understandable fashion, and most of the content can be found because it is broken up into categories.

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