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Photos and Images

The final blog entry is about photo and image sharing. I feel it’s a good way to wrap up the posts that we have all made, because I know for me personally photographs tie into memory pretty well.

Photo sharing is a great way to be socially connected to other people over the Internet. Current day web users really have so many tools, features, and services through which they can communicate across the cyberspace. Communication through text such as web boards or forums, private messaging through emails, the using of social networking sites, and among them all photo sharing enhances the experience. Image and photo hosting websites such as flickr, tinypic, photobucket, etc. can be used to share images for personal enjoyment, personal collection,and also can be useful for business who are trying to collaborate on a project.

For the hands on activity I decided to try out I was impressed with what I experienced, and flickr’s virtual tour was pretty darn cool. So continuing with the activity I went ahead and created a flickr photo album with some pictures of my dad who recently passed away. He meant so much to me so it was natural that building a photo album about him was the first thing that came to mind. I was able to upload a couple photos from my computer to my album, which set me to my next task which was to share it with friends and family. I sent a couple invitations out to family and close friends, but so far have had no replies. Anyway I’m sure eventually someone will check it out and maybe have a couple pictures or two to add to the album.  I specifically tagged some of the pictures as father, and son, so that maybe other flickr users who have albums relating to the same theme words will stumble upon what I have made.

My project is far from finished, because I hope at some point most of my family and some of my friends get a chance to view the album. I feel like flickr is a great site for what I’m trying to accomplish.

And with this last post I bid you all farewell.  I enjoyed the cpsc class a good deal, maybe sometime in the future some of us will have another course together.


3 Responses to “Photos and Images”

  1. 1 cmcglynn

    I’m sorry to hear about your father. I touched on a similar theme in my blog, as I though that these websites that feature picture uploading are a great tool for families and friends to share memories and reconnect with each other. My parents barely know how to type their own names, but they send me links ever day to Flickr that contain pictures that they want me to see.

  2. 2 Nate

    Nice post. This is exactly what the Internet is all about in my mind. Somethings about the Internet are for large groups of people, like news and making fun of the news. If you haven’t seen the video “BP spills coffee”, check it out. But most things on the net are for smaller groups: families, high school or college friends, etc. To me, the things that are for these smaller groups are infinitely more important than the other stuff. The Internet can bring people that are already close even closer.

  3. 3 ernest ackermann

    Good post, Richard. Your dad looks like a nice person and proud of you.

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