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Photos and Images

The final blog entry is about photo and image sharing. I feel it’s a good way to wrap up the posts that we have all made, because I know for me personally photographs tie into memory pretty well. Photo sharing is a great way to be socially connected to other people over the Internet. Current […]

Awareness Tools

With all the news and information found across the web, it can be a daunting task to try and keep up with a lot of your favorite material.  In generations past, having a free voice that was heard by people from all sorts of places was very difficult. Lots of communication between people came through […]

Forums and Web Boards

Popular internet culture and technology tools are most often built around helping a community of people, for example, multiple users at once (that is after all one of the general goals of the internet). Forums and web boards are no exception. Forums are great because they are one of the top go to areas on […]

Information/Document Sharing

As a class we were shown some of the latest Internet technology behind online document collaboration.  ‘Computing in the cloud’ as it is called, is a way for someone to use the Internet to store information or documents that multiple people can access. Because users aren’t storing the information on their hard drive from their […]

Really simple syndication

The ultimate Internet tool for easily following your favorite websites… without having to manually visit them. One key to being successful at tasks you do, or problems you face in the world, is to follow one simple rule. ‘KSS’. Keep it simple, stupid.  Let’s face it; in the hectic days of our lives time can […]

Social bookmarking

To start: the hands on activity For this activity, as a class we were advised to check out, a social bookmarking site.  The site itself is a neat and interesting tool.  I can already tell it has a lot of potential as yet another aid to help students, or anybody really, gather and access […]

T.V. at your computer…except better!

Internet video is taking the cyberspace by storm like hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  But seriously.  I don’t think it’s possible to really find many Internet users out there who have not watched a video found on the Internet from popular sites like youtube, google video, justin t.v., etc. These sites are a one stop […]


It’s kinda like the radio and television, except better! Ever heard someone talking about a particular subject that you found really interesting, but unfortunately the talk show ended and left you yearning for more information? Your needs be fulfilled with a great current Internet phenomena known as pod-casting. Loads of information is out there in […]

Virtual worlds

Role playing cyber experience Virtual worlds have taken the Internet by storm in recent years, so I visited one of the leading virtual worlds to learn a bit more about this phenomenon. My personal experience across the cyberspace of the Internet took me to the lands of second life, a quite popular virtual world that […]

How do you know the information you are getting is from a good source? One of the major complications with the broad scope of the internet is that… well there is really such a broad scope of information out there for us to access. With the near endless sources for data it can become a […]

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  • Thing 15 – Awareness Tools
    10 The Computer Age (In Motion) Had Enough? No doubt, the Internet and the Web are becoming indispensable, helpful, useful, and interesting. Every day in this class we’ve been looking into different tools, concepts, or ‘things.’ A few people have written in blogs that they don’t need some tools, for example  social bookmarking sites and […]
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